If you’re having a special event of any kind, you can either order from our shop, or if you are expecting a large number of guests you can browse our shop for options and we can put together a custom order for you. Just let us know what you’d like, giving us at least 3 days notice.

Our standard size celebration cakes are 25cm in diameter, which gives 12 large, 16 medium or 24-32 bite size pieces.

We’re sorry, but we only make cake shaped cakes. Cars, guitars, numbers and teddy bears might all look good, but we think cakes look much better.

Catering Request Form

Please remember that we need at least 3 days to complete your order. All orders are required to be paid for, prior to delivery (at least 2 days).

Remember to let us know if you have any dietary requests and we’ll confirm that we can do this for you (extra charges may apply).