For the purpose of this agreement the person or firm supplying the goods or services shall be known as the supplier and the person or firm applying for credit shall be known as the applicant.


The application warrants that the particulars as set out herein are true and declare that they are over the age of 18 and have the authority to sign this agreement.




  1. The applicant further agrees that if the supplier incurs any liability or expense in the course of enforcing its rights under this agreement the amount incurred shall be payable to the supplier by the applicant upon demand.


  1. The supplier in granting the applicant credit facilities agrees not to charge any extra fee unless payment falls outside normal business practices and trading terms. Unless otherwise stated these terms will be Payment 7 Days From Date Of Invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing.


N.B. Please see note to bill payer / accounts department for further information on payment terms.




3.1 The applicant shall pay the supplier interest on all monies payable and remaining unpaid after the expiry of the time provided for payment.


3.2 The rate of interest shall be equal to one and quarter times the average interest rate as certified by a chartered accountant or trading bank manager which is currently payable by the supplier for the overdraft facilities.


3.3 The right to interest charges to be added to any other remedy to which the Supplier may be entitled at law.




4.1 The products and any other goods delivered by the supplier to the applicant shall remain sole and absolute property of the supplier as legal and equitable owner until such time as all money due to the supplier has been paid to the supplier but such products and other goods shall be at the applicants risk from the time of delivery to him / her / them.


4.2 That all payments received from the applicant shall firstly be applied to any outstanding costs or interests and shall then be applied to outstanding sums for goods supplied to the applicant.


4.3 Until the supplier receives full payment for materials or goods supplied to the applicant the supplier shall have the right upon failure of the applicant to make payment as demanded to immediately without notice repossess all materials or goods owned by the supplier.  For these purposes the supplier or his agent may enter any place occupied or within the control of the applicant where the supplier believes such materials or goods may be found to repossess the goods or materials and may take any other action the supplier thinks fit to effect repossession without incurring any liability to the applicant.


4.4 The applicant indemnifies the supplier against any liability arising from actions taken by the supplier for the purposes of effecting repossession under clause 4.2 hereof.


4.5 If any goods or materials supplied by the supplier becomes incorporated on property or works to such an extent as to have separate identity then so far as the law permits such other property or work shall belong to the supplier in such proportion as is equal in value to the total sum owing to the supplier for such goods or material until the supplier receives payment in full.




  1. Where the applicants is more than one person each of them is both and severally liable to perform and observe all the terms and conditions of this agreement.